Aiming to offer top services in the field of graphics, we took courage to enter both in parallel with time and technology. We are continuously working on the development of the production sector, by combining demands for the latest knowledge and highlights in technological achievements in the global frames. Our products, especially the book that is the most demanding, most complex and most challenging of all of them, are sophisticated especially due to the complexity of the technological processes, which is the result of the latest equipment and printing machines. With constant investing in technology we have built production facilities that are today respectable example of printing in the whole Southeast Europe, and some of the machines that we implemented throughout past few years are common only to a few companies from the world of industry.

CTP Kodak Magnus 800
CTP Kodak Magnus 800
CTP Heidelberg Suprasetter 106
CTP Heidelberg Suprasetter 165

Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 52-2 x2
Heidelberg Speedmaster XL106-2P
Heidelberg Speedmaster XL106-5 + L
Heidelberg Speedmaster XL75-5 + L
Heidelberg Speedmaster XL106-8P x3
Heidelberg Speedmaster XL162-8P

Polar 115 E x5
Perfecta 168 L-TS
Herzog + Heymann M7.64-165-T4
Heidelberg Stahlfolder TD 142 x3
Heidelberg Stahlfolder TD 112 x3
Heidelberg Stahlfolder TH 82-P x4
Heidelberg Stahl KD 78/6 x2
Guk K72/4 KTL-F4
Müller Martini Connect 30 + 2 Ventura
Müller Martini Connect 18 + 2 Ventura
Müller Martini Connect 15 + 3 Ventura
Hörauf BDM Universal 60
Hörauf BDM Compact 60
Petratto Machine
Kolbus PK 170 x2
Autobond FL 106
Impala 400 LNG Lang
Gietz FSA 870 Compact
Müller Martini Prima 310 CS-14
Müller Martini Alegro A7
Müller Martini Bolero B9
Müller Martini Diamant MC 60/Colibri x2
VBF Vesta
BOBST Media 100 III A2
BOBST Handypack GT
BOBST Autoplatine SP Evoline 102 Eplus
BOBST Autoplatine Visioncut 106 LE
Newmec Secur 50 4+4
La Pietra
Omega SR330
Hugo Beck Shrink Wrapping SL 5015/23-e x2


Using latest technology, whilst at the same time respecting the environment. Certificates we hold are reflection of our commitment to the quality!