Grafotisak is a privately-owned company, that has been building its reputation since 1983 through activities of a production of graphic products and distribution of office, school and graphic materials.

With 34 full years of successful business behind us, we have grown into a regional leader in printing profession, whilst our professionalism is recognized and sought wider than our region is. As a result of adjustments to the latest trends in terms of technology, software, materials and human potentials, we have been labelled as an exclusive choice in more than 15 countries across the Europe, where we continuously export over 80% of our own production. Starting as a small artistry we have outgrown into internationally recognized company who today employs over 600 employees. Our first business achievements have been realized in Grude where we have located our production site, central warehouse and company headquarters. According to the growing tendency of our operational complexity, we have professionalized our own distribution network by opening branches in Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Tuzla, through which we, together with the central warehouse in Grude, place on the market over 15000 items for school, office and graphic production. Being recognized as the first choice by our customers and suppliers, we are continuously improving distribution segment in order to justify expectations.

Long year business tradition shows that creation of the market values of all of our outputs is reflecting success – not only in terms of direct sales increase, but also in proactive influence on perceiving the right product as a symbol of the quality.

With quality through the time!
Grafotisak d.o.o.


Using latest technology, whilst at the same time respecting the environment. Certificates we hold are reflection of our commitment to the quality!