Our modest beginnings have been written down in 1983, when we, together with insignificant number of employees started with a clear vision of the future. We have originated in Grude as a company for production of graphic products whose needs appeared in insignificant ratio, but in accordance to that time. Market developments and entrance into new global era followed by technological development, for us meant only one – to invest all powers in entrepreneurial audacity, go a step ahead of a time, and finally strive to excellence. Being aware of the complexity that production as a field of industry brings with itself, already in our beginnings we have set a clear goal for the future aiming to transform upcoming business years into experience that we will be speaking about with pride in the next decade.

In 1990 we have invested additional amount of efforts, audacity and resources into expanding activities on distribution of office, school and graphic materials, as well as art program. Quality approach to the market as well as tendency towards systematic improvement has resulted in the response for the regional warehouses. In accordance to that, opening of branches in Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Tuzla has followed. In activities of distribution, we work with globally renowned names, that we together with our own brands, represent and offer at the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and other markets within region where we operate through our own distribution centers.

In 2008, the extent of our business required new strategic decisions when it comes to growth of our market value. As a result, we have invested in Republic of Croatia and have capitally connected in the same distribution activities with company Fokus d.o.o., whilst holding 50 % of its ownership at the time. Connecting with Fokus, at the same time also meant for us connecting with these companies: RAM3 d.o.o. in Zagreb, and Fokus Office d.o.o. in Belgrade, whose are in Fokus’ ownership. With this capital investing, we have enriched with a new market share at the regional markets, which is one more of the motives of our growth with an accent on synergy.

In 2017, by purchasing remaining share of 50% of the company Fokus d.o.o., we have become 100% owners of the connected companies. With this, in distribution activities we have become a group with market position of a leader in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic of Croatia, whilst at the same time with distribution network we operate at the market of Republic of Serbia.

In 2020, there was a capital connection with GPS GROUP, whose headquarters are in Villach (Austria).

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