We at Grafotisak, dealing with sales of office, school and graphic items and with production of graphic products, are reputing to fair relations towards customers, business partners, employees and society as a whole. The reputation and recognition that we have in the surrounding and business and social sphere, are gained with long year work and constantly based on quality through time. Our aspiration is to deliver products and provide services that are satisfying wishes and needs of our customers in the framework of the basic quality principles.

Quality in Grafotisak is reflected through products made by top technology and from the most quality materials, readiness to a fast reaction, accuracy and reliability, which has been recognised on the European market, as a whole – that is a quality that can be trusted to. Also, dedication to customers, products and processes has resulted with producers who have chosen Grafotisak as the best way to place their products at the market.

Every single employee at Grafotisak, is included and devoted to achieving a quality standard towards our customers, business partners and society as a whole. Also, every single employee is responsible for safety at work, where environment for the safe work has been created through the implementation of the established rules and directions.

Grafotisak is in its work determined towards health protection and safety of the employees, both at the working place and in the long-term preservation of the employees’ health. Health protection and safety of the employees at Grafotisak is also reflected through recognition of all potential risks, whilst taking appropriate measures aiming to prevent accidents and to eliminate the risk, which is in the case of avoidance, reduced to an acceptable level.

Being aware of the fact that the quality management system is dynamic and comprehensive, we at Grafotisak believe that special emphasis should be put on the environment and its role in the management process. The activities that we are carrying out on a daily level are certainly closely related with the influence on the environment whilst we aspire for it to have a positive character, and if this is not possible, to reduce negative aspects to a minimal level, to be controlled and properly monitored.

Raising awareness on the quality, environment protection and health protection and safety of the employees in our working environment, amongst our employees and towards our customers, business partners and society as a whole is a part of our core business policy.

Grafotisak cares for developing and improving its Integrated Management System in accordance with the requirements given in international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and FSC-STD-40-004 V-3.0.

In Grude, 05th December, 2019

Nikola Vranješ,
General director


Using latest technology, whilst at the same time respecting the environment. Certificates we hold are reflection of our commitment to the quality!