Connect – Under this name we place on the market products from part of the school assortment, which includes: school bags, school pencil boxes, bags for school activities, wallets, notebooks, drawing maps, file folders, school colours, modelling materials and other similar tools that makes writing and drawing supplies. Connect is being represented at the market as a name with prestigious products of the higher quality and higher prices, and also it is a brand under whose name licenced school products are being produced.

Educa – This brand is a name under which we offer school notebooks, school forms, part of drawing and writing supplies and so on. Educa is the second brand name of the company that meets the corresponding segment of customers in their demand for average ratio of price and the quality of similar products.

Fornax – It includes group of products including adhesives, whole punches, labels, file folders, foils, boxes for staplers, envelopes, thermal cash register paper rolls, lever arch files, accessories for spiral bound, writing supplies and other subsidiary office materials. Fornax is a brand under whose name premium products are being sold.

Foroffice – Under this name also on the market can be found products such as lever arch files, toner cartridges, various types of adhesives, copy paper and so on. Foroffice is a brand under whose name products of the realistic price and quality ratio are being placed on the market.

Lipa Mill – Under this name we place at the market lever arch files in a box. By purchasing a brand Lipa Mill we continued on producing lever arch files that have already existed at the market, with an accent on quality application that is a common symbol of all aspects of our business.



Using latest technology, whilst at the same time respecting the environment. Certificates we hold are reflection of our commitment to the quality!