In accordance with our mission and vision, we have been working for many years on the completeness and competences of our activities, whilst doing business on the European level required building-up a quality transportation sector. Today, we operate a fleet of over 40 transportation units, with an accent on Direction where all vehicles that are company-owned comply with the corresponding Eco standards of the European Union. In our example, we can speak about transportation of the complete parcels by trucks or transportation of the partial parcels by smaller trucks and vans.

Usual delivery time for goods for the customers in Bosnia and Herzegovina is within 24 hours, and for customers at the European market is from 3 to 5 days – depending on the destination distance. All transportation requirements that we anticipate as a non-feasible in accordance to the agreed business terms, we perform via our partners – reliable transportation companies, due to timely delivery and keeping upon agreed quality of the transportation.

Significant changes in the transportation segment has been revealed through in-house-customs-system approval, which we were given to as a first company in the country (when it comes to import and export) from the side of the Indirect Taxation Authority of Bosnia and Herzegovina. By this, existing costs have been minimalised and time needed for the entire procedure of customs which we now practice in the company site, has been saved. New model of customs for us meant new requirements for human resources and processes of the control, as well as increase of the competitiveness at the European Union market through the contribution to the production sector.


Using latest technology, whilst at the same time respecting the environment. Certificates we hold are reflection of our commitment to the quality!