Looking from today’s perspective – we have started producing in pretty modest frames. It was a simple black print that afterwards evolved into five-colour printing and one-pass varnishing, and two sided eight-colour printing in one-pass. Today, we are recognised as the most contemporary printing company in the region that has outgrown from colour printing with B4 format to VLF format 121×162 cm with two sided in one-pass. In other words, when it comes to the technology in the terms of graphics, Grafotisak has become a synonym for latest global achievements.

Our production, in accordance to the type of graphic products that we are professionalised in, is divided into 4 basic categories: books, lever arch files, cardboard packaging and security program. Each of the stated categories has been designed and built in order to be carried out based on associated business processes, that make a professional definition of production in printing industry from a strategic point of view. What is delivered to our customers in a form of the final graphic product is a result of complexity of a process that is elaborated even to the smallest details through long-term analysing of its characteristics; through efforts invested in 100% functionality of each of the production phases, and all up to the machines optimality and caring for the production waste. Referring to the former progress that we have been building in the production by decades, even today we are openly looking forward to gaining new knowledge that we will strike to transfer into more ambitious achievements by using joint efforts.


Safety and reliability are our imperative.


With our own transportation,
we guarantee to you fast and trustworthy delivery of goods.


For some that is an option – for us that is a good job.