A book is a product whose production process demands substantial amount of education, effort, professionalism and experience. From raw materials, that we get from suppliers for production, to the finished product – a book- there are many complex and sensitive phases of a production process.

We have made a special effort into calibration of the entire process of the book production – from first to the final phase. The result of managing with the calibrated production process confirms composition of all values and relations going from graphic preparation on the computer, electronic appearance of those values on servers “In-Site” and “Remote Access” to the objective appearance where those values are merged into, being visible as the final product.

In the process of the book production the level of quality is being presented to a customer based on the standard WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), which allowed an open access and possibility for enhancement of the semi-final products and opportunities for potential modifications before the product is being finished (produced). In this way, the book as a final product is being delivered in the form of equal values displayed on the computer screen in pre – production process phase.

Depending on the different making processes, types of books that we produce are divided into following categories:

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