We have started a process of production of the lever arch files in 2009, by responding to the local and regional market demands. From an intern company, as we have seen ourselves at the beginning of production, through relatively short period of time, we have outgrown into large, and at the same time the only industrial producer of lever arch files at the territory of the region. The background of the successful expansion of the production program on this category lays in facts on huge investments into human resources, equipment and production facilities. Customers have recognised us as a professional producer due to a level of quality of raw materials that we use as well as the technology we manage, and that is set pretty high which is compatible to overall business philosophy with an accent on the quality. Large production capacities, short delivery times as well us “backup” of each production phases in the human resources and equipment are a guarantee of running a business in accordance to the European standards.

Production of the lever arch files inside the company is divided into two basic categories:


Using latest technology, whilst at the same time respecting the environment. Certificates we hold are reflection of our commitment to the quality!