The new line for the book production from the swiss manufacturer


The new line for the book production of the manufacturer Müller Martini – Switzerland is the latest technological reach in the process of the hard cover bound book production. The line is consisted of the book block preparation segment and the final segment of the book production process.

Technological possibilities of the new production line meets the requirements for the production of the most demanding hard cover bound books of the highest quality with production speed of 3600 books per hour.

By purchasing and releasing into work the most contemporary line for the book production, Grafotisak is continuing with the implementation of the latest technology in its production facilities. The new technology increases the production capacities and raising quality of the final products to the highest level.

Active tracking of the technology’ development and its use in the production process is imperative of Grafotisak and a path to the sustainable creation of the new values.

The contemporary production facilities of Grafotisak are the precondition for the production of the high quality products that find their path towards consumers on the most competitive markets of the EU.